Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5B News Letter

5B News Letter

First we have korean hanji paper.  Hanji paper is a traditional handmade paper from Korea. Hanji is made from the inner bark of Paper Mulberry, a tree native to Korea that grows well on its rocky mountainsides, known in Korean as dak. here is a picture below.

There was a Korean concert at our school I chose the part where they were playing a Korean traditional instrument called the taepyeongso.  They played it  the most during the Korean war.  Here is what it sounds like.

Today we had a taekwondo demonstration team that came to our school.  Some things that they did where some tricks like breaking boards and blindfolding people and they kick something and it is right on target it was really cool and amazing.  Here is the  awesome demonstration.

Today we saw a beyond amazing sand art he drew a draw my life it was really cool.  then after that he drew a bunch of korean traditional drawings it was great no beyond great.  It made me realize that if you practice you can do amazing things.  I wish i could show you but I didn’t take a video I’m so sorry you guy can’t see it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

curiosity reflection

curiosity reflection

What I liked about the curiosity project was that I had the freedom to choose the topic that I wanted, I knew how to get the facts, and I could watch youtube videos on it.  I knew a lot about the topic that I chose.  The Wikipedia site was a good site to get good facts.  When you watch videos of the plane flying inside the cockpit  which is really cool.  The thing that I did not like about the project was getting the presentation on my blog.  What I accidently didn’t do the HDML thingamajigy so it had a bunch of weird words on the blog post.  other than that I think it went really well.  How I chose my topic was from World War 2 planes that played really important roll in the war, photosymphisis, and medicine.  I chose World War 2 planes that played really important roll in the war because I always liked planes.  Then a week later I narrowed down my topic to just the P-51.  The reason why I narrowed my topic down to the P-51 was because the P-51 was my favorite plane of World war 2.  When I finished the curiosity project I felt really good about it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

curiosity presintation

I chose this topic Because two years ago I watched this movie called Red Tails were the african american pilots fly the P-51. After that a few months later my dad bought a deck of cards and it had fighter planes and bombers. There were 20 fighter planes the P-51 was the best out of all of the fighter planes. With the deck of cards we played a dogfight game were we put the planes from best to worst and the P-51 Always won. My dad is an aeronautical engineer and he inspired me to like planes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

color poem

ww2 planes


Today in class we were reading lww and Aslan was crucified by the white witch.

I think Aslan is like Jesus being crucified on the cross and people mocking Aslan like how they mocked Jesus.  They tied him up before they killed him and after he died he was still bined and a bunch of rats came and chewed off the rope had tied like the robben that took the thorns out of Jesus’ head.  I think the author wrote it like this so more people will have better faith in Jesus.  They both were able to end everybody's lives whom were mocking them, but they didn’t end their lives he let them live they both just stood there patiently waiting for death.